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What Are 401K Rollover Fees?

Go Banking Rates, August 10, 2017 https://www.gobankin ... over-fees/

If you are close to retiring — or about to change jobs — you might be wondering what to do with your 401k account.

How to Navigate the School Years with a "Difficult" Child

Medium, February 20, 2020 https://medium.com/@ ... 67c8ce0806

Having a child labeled "difficult" by schools can take its toll on the parents. Here is how to navigate these difficult waters.

Top 3 Signs Your Brakes Need Servicing

What happens if you don't change your brake pads soon enough? You could be at risk for an accident. Here are three signs that you need to replace them.


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Why Socialism is the New Capitalism

November 4, 2019 https://meaningoflif ... capitalism

A lot of debate about socialism vs capitalism has been in our collective conversation lately. Capitalism looks good on paper, but in practical application, it has failed our society, except for the very rich.

5 Simple Ways to Be Happy

November 1, 2019 https://meaningoflifebooks.com/f/5-simple-ways-to-be-happy

Happiness is an elusive concept and a fleeting emotion. Chasing happiness is like chasing the wind—you will feel it when it comes, but you will never be able to hold on to it. You’re never going to be happy 100% of the time anyway, so why bother?

5 Hacks to Kick your Weight Loss into High Gear

March 24, 2019 https://www.redefini ... -high-gear

We, as a nation, are obese. Many Americans either have been on a diet and failed, or are currently on a diet and are not having any long term success. The diet and weight loss industry rakes in millions of dollars every year because we all want to be thin and healthy.

3 Steps to Living a Life You Love

Have you ever wished you could dream up a better life and poof--it happens? Or change your life just by thinking? Well, you can. Here are three steps to make it happen.


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Lose Weight with Fast Food

Is it possible to lose weight while eating fast food? It's not only possible, but it can be part of a healthy low carb diet. Here's how to do it.